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Verdicts and Settlements Obtained in Delaware for Our Clients - Most cases settle and the details and amount of the settlement are confidential.

$2.75 million settlement in 2014 for failure to diagnose aortic dissection in emergency room

On 8/7/2014, Delaware Supreme Court upholds jury verdict with interest of $5.5 million in favor of Mr. Robbins’ medical malpractice client.

$4.4 million jury verdict 11/14/12 against hospital and thoracic surgeon for a medical malpractice victim who suffered an intestinal perforation and loss of spleen

$15 million jury verdict 11/18/10 for a medical malpractice victim who suffered a spinal accessory nerve injury after a biopsy

$1.15 million jury verdict 9/23/09 for a medical malpractice victim who suffered a ureter injury during a hysterectomy

$5 million jury verdict for a medical practice victim who sustained a spinal accessory nerve injury after a biopsy

$2 million jury verdict for a delay in diagnosing breast cancer

$2.25 million jury verdict for family of client that bled to death following surgery

Multi-million dollar settlement in an explosion case against international corporations

Multi-million dollar settlement for medication error resulting in death

Million dollar settlements for birth injuries due to obstetrical malpractice

$800,000 arbitration award and another substantial settlement for delay in diagnosis of melanoma

Substantial settlement for children sexually abused at a day care

Substantial settlement for wrongful death during knee surgery

Substantial settlements for injuries during hysterectomies

Substantial settlements for failure to diagnose post surgical infections

$600,000 jury verdict for a client sexually assaulted in an unsafe restaurant parking lot

Substantial settlement for a client burned during surgery

Substantial settlement for client that suffered a chemical burn

Substantial settlements involving emergency room malpractice

Substantial settlements on behalf of clients abused by their psychiatrist

Substantial settlements for numerous car accident clients

Substantial settlement for nursing home neglect involving a bed sore

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