Truck & Motorcycle Accidents

Truck & Motorcycle Accidents

Delaware Truck Accident and Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Motorcycle accidents change lives and families forever. Motorcycle accidents are a leading cause of brain and spinal cord injuries as well as many other catastrophic injuries. There are many issues facing the victim of a motorcycle accident. There are medical bills that need to be paid, lost wages that need to be recovered.

An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will explain everything to you so that you understand your rights. Randall Robbins is a former Deputy Attorney General of the Delaware Department of Justice. Randall Robbins has been representing motorcycle accident victims for over twenty years. Randall Robbins will give you the professional guidance and representation you need on the payment of your medical bills and lost wages, and in helping you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve.

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Are your injuries the result of a traumatic truck or motorcycle injury accident that involved a collision with a semi or commercial vehicle? You deserve fair, just, and full compensation for what you have been through.

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Injury lawyer Randall E. Robbins works on a contingency fee basis. We are not paid until you are compensated for your serious injury.

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